Administration sets the overall strategic direction of the Ministry as well as provides administrative support for the efficient operation of the Ministry and its Institutes. Support services offered by Administration includes human resource management and planning, budget formulation and management, building maintenance, registry and IT and other services.


Administration is comprised of 3 Units mainly Administration, Accounts and IT. The administration is headed by the DS and consists of SAS, EA, OM, 2 Registry Clerk Receptionists, 1 Cleaner, 1 Chauffer and 1 Driver. The Accounts Unit is headed by Senior Accountant with 2 subordinate staff namely 1 Accountant and 1 Accounts officer. The IT Unit is manned by only 1 staff titled IT Manager.

In total there are 13 staff (excluding Secretary and Minister) under Administration and all 3 Administration Unit report directly to the Secretary.


  • NCS administration
  • Staff performance and management
  • Policy development
  • Allocation of Ministry resources including transport
  • Recruitment and selection
  • HRD planning
  • Managment of incoming and outgoing mails
  • Storage of Ministry documents
  • Maintenance of office buildings including HM and Secretary's residence
  • Management of Ministry budget
  • Minister's briefings/speech
  • Managing performance of divisions and institutes
  • Project management and supervision
  • Procurement
  • IT support (hardware and software)
  • Upgrade of Ministry website


Current Vacancies

Sector Economist
Copra Fund Management Officer
Senior Accountant
Assistant Accountant
Account Officer
Occupational Safety & Health Inspector
English Teacher
Marine Engineer Class II
Catering Instructor
Marine Instructor Class II
Public Sector Inspector
National Customer Service Delivery
Improvement Coordinator

Senior Instructor

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